What to Expect at a Maui Qigong Class

What to bring: No mats, no props, just you and your intention. A cheerful spirit is helpful but not required.

I usually start classes with some of what I call body awareness moves, like swinging your arms, light stretching. This is so we can all become aware of where our body is today, what it needs and what to avoid or do more gently. A little light chatter usually accompanies this especially in evening classes as we wind down from the day.

The qigong itself can be done to any fitness level. Even imaging a movement is beneficial if you can’t physically make that movement today (or ever). There are seated forms and standing forms. Standing forms can be modified for sitting.

There is an opening movement that sets the tone to begin. This is serious but joyous stuff so a smile is encouraged. I like to teach Heaven and Nature Gong or Awakening the Soul to beginners. We end the class with the same movements as we use to open our practice, in thankfulness for the opportunity to practice and be with others.

If you click on the names of the forms above you can see Master Li (my teacher) demonstrate the forms. Only the first 5 movements of Heaven and Nature are shown in this video.

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