What I Mean by Practical Spirituality

something to be grateful for

Sometimes people get the mistaken notion that spirituality is a separate department of life, the penthouse of existence. But rightly understood, it is a vital awareness that pervades all realms of our being.”

~ David Steindl-Rast ~

Most of us live in the real world. We are not monks, priests or nuns living cloistered or separated lives. We have family, jobs, friends and stuff to get done. Spirituality should be reflected in and reflective of our daily lives. Otherwise what’s the point.

I think spirituality without reality has great potential, at least for me, to become an escape mechanism making it actually more difficult to live in my life. Escape and denial have occasional value but in my experience present a whole host of other problems.

One of the ways I integrate spirituality in my life is through gratitude. I use a stop and smell the roses approach. What can I appreciate and show thanks for? It makes me more mindful as I go about my day looking at things from the point of view what to be grateful for. Living on Maui gives a lot of opportunity for gratefulness. It is especially easy for me to be grateful now with the birth last month of my granddaughter.

I have friends who have kept gratitude journals. Usually at the end of the day they write down what they have to be thankful for. Some days it is just a beautiful flower they passed on a walk.

Another way I integrate spiritually in my daily life is to try and do something nice for someone or something. Maybe it’s remote like picking up some trash on the beach or more direct like calling a friend who has been a little down. Connecting is part of my spirituality practice.

Sheng Zhen Qigong is a large part of my spiritual practice too, but more about that in another post.

Tell me what you do to in your practical spirituality.

11 thoughts on “What I Mean by Practical Spirituality

  1. I talk about and demonstrate Sheng Zhen Gong forms at public demos and lectures that promote Sheng Zhen learning and classes. Just came from a great public intro session at AOMA in Austin.

  2. Loved this and I think this is clearly reflected in and reflective of so many of us – and life as we know it today. Less compartments, more flow, less closets, more dancing together in life!

  3. It’s easy to think that if we meditate in the morning, our work is done. The challenge is bringing our spirituality to each moment and to make each day a prayer.. I love your tips and the warm way you handle this subject..

    1. Thanks. It is a challenge but it does get easier the more you do it. But sometimes life’s events interrupt me and I get out of the habit. Meditating usually pulls me back. Even “bad” meditation.

  4. So true, I completely agree. I also see many people use spirtuality in the same way you’d use status or class. This occurs in organized religion as well as with the new agey types. What’s the point of that I’ve always wondered? Spirituality is very personal as it must fit into our life and our circumstances. We shouldn’t be spiritual to be better than someone else, to escape or to fit in. We should be spiritual to live the best life we can from the inside and to be able to handle life’s obstacles the best we can.

    Wonderfully written post…

    1. Thanks! I think anyone who thinks their spirituality puts them above someone else is kind of missing the point. The subject of another blog post, I think.

  5. Such an important thing to remember. We are spiritual beings living a physical life. I’ve found my sense of spirituality increase when I’m in nature, which is one of the reasons I love my morning run. I get to be surrounded by beauty and watch the sunrise, and like you said, having children in your life helps too. Being around my daughter, so sweet, loving and innocent fills my cup in ways I never thought possible, and it happens all throughout the day.

    1. I saw a quote yesterday and I can’t remember it exactly but it was something like “when I don’t believe in miracles I look in my daughters eyes and I know I already created one.” I have walked in the morning almost daily for many years and have always been lucky to walk by the water and frequently at sunrise. I am blessed.

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