Pretty in Pink Photo Challenge and Beach Walks

pink or pinkish beach finds

I am a lifelong beach walker and collector of beach finds. I started pretty much as soon as I could walk. I have photographic evidence of my walks with my mother and grandmother on a Chesapeake Bay beach at about 18 months old. My grandmother was particularly good at finding valuable things like arrowheads. I don’t think I’ve ever found anything of monetary value.

I pick up and discard as I walk along. I keep a few things. Sometimes I keep it because it’s pretty, sometimes because it is interesting or it feels nice to hold in my hand. Coral, shells and beach glass dominate but there are occasional ceramic shards and buttons.  I have quite a collection, but when you consider the miles I’ve walked it’s really small. I actually shipped a shoebox full to Maui when we moved here. Coals to Newcastle I guess. I’ve picked up some more on my walks here.

I display my finds around the house in jars and just out with other found or sometimes purchased items. I have a two inch tall Kuan Yin standing statue and a Kermit the Frog figure with some beach finds as a sort of Unconditional Love shrine. It’s odd, I know, but comforting in a quirky and humorous sort of way.

Check out MauiShopGirl, who started this fun photo challenge.

6 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink Photo Challenge and Beach Walks

  1. I’ve been wanting to go shell walking for some time now. Someone told me near Olowalu has nice shells. I love your collection and the memories it holds.

    Mahalo for joining in Eli!

    1. It as fun to think pink. I wonder if the Hui will do pink? They’ve done green and now have blue. I will check out Oluwalu.

  2. Maybe someday there will a photo challenge that will fit that and I’ll have the courage to show my odd little ephemeral art.

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