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Home is where the water is.  This week’s photo challenge from Maui Shop Girl is “Home is where the ____ is.”  It was more thought provoking than I expected.  My cat, my husband and the other obvious stuff came to mind.  But it seemed like home was something else.

I have always lived near the water, salty or brackish.  For a while I lived in the water on a boat.  Mucking in the sand at the waters edge, body surfing, canoeing or sailing have always been what I would rather be doing.  Living a block from the ocean now affords me daily contact with the ocean.  I love it! It’s home.

8 thoughts on “Home is…

  1. “The water” – what a great home! I’m sure you’d miss it if you had to drive to the ocean! My 2 yr old talks about the ocean from time to time since coming back from our summer vacation. I wish it were so easy for us to visit. It’s about 2hr drive away

  2. Every once in awhile my husband and I consider moving someplace not on a coast and I start to freak out. Maybe on a lake would be OK.

  3. You lived on a boat?! I would love hearing more about that one day. (the ultimate small space, right?) I feel the same about water. I used to go to the mainland a lot because I was a trainer for the cpa firm and also our San Jose office help during the dot com era. By the time I got home, I wanted to see the ocean (and eat Japanese curry rice, go figure). Even if I could drive to water, it really wasn’t the same as seeing it all the time on my regular commute.

  4. Living on a boat sounds so romantic and it was when we were childless in the Virgin Islands. But living on a boat on the Chesapeake Bay with a job and a child was not so. It is true minimalist living though.

    1. I love Midcoast Maine. I think my next post is going to have a picture from our trip to Surrey in 2010. We have friends there. We were on Deer Isle in 2009.

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