Why I Like Sheng Zhen Gong


It works for me! It’s the right energy work for me.  It compliments my acupuncture.  I feel better when I practice regularly.  I love the people I know through qigong.  I love Master Li.

I started Sheng Zhen Qigong when my acupuncturist recommended qigong and a local teacher, Kimberly, taught Sheng Zhen Gong.  Kimberly was great!  The gentle movements of the Sheng Zhen form were pretty and felt pleasing.  The other students seemed to be having fun too.  The room was filled with really good feelings.  It was apparent that everyone had different abilities, yet the movements seemed right for each one of us.  The climate in the room was supportive, not competitive at all.

When I started Sheng Zhen Gong my mood was a little anxious and sad. Tai chi (a martial arts form of qigong) which I had practiced for many years before was great for my balance when I practiced.  And had helped a bit with anxiety.  It still is a quick fix when my balance gets a little off, but that is rare now.  What the qigong did for my moods was amazing.  The longer I took the class and practiced the better I felt.  In the years that I have practiced and studied I have also had some pain problems and also vertigo.  Qigong helps with both of those problems.  It also keeps me flexible and strong.

I continue to train annually with Master Li Junfeng.  After each 10 day training I feel so clear and relaxed, ready to tackle any challenge.

The spiritual benefits are for another blog post.  But the feelings of openheartedness that result from this practice are clearly connected to being relaxed and happy.

Check the Classes page for my schedule.  Or you can contact me and we can get together anytime.  Introductory classes are always free.   I would love a group class. If you have space, I have time.

18 thoughts on “Why I Like Sheng Zhen Gong

  1. I haven’t heard of Sheng Zhen Qigong, either. Something to look into, definitely. I do a bit of yoga, but it’s not the hard-core yoga stuff. It’s basically just stretches, to help with my back and neck pain from sitting behind the computer too long. I like how you describe Sheng Zhen Qigong. Movements and balance…

  2. It sounds like it would be good for me to me too. I spend way too much time at a desk and need more heart pumping exercise but in the past have found a combination of cardio, strength and a practice of hatha was the best combination. This sounds very good for mind and body. Love the lotus flower (I never get tired of lotus flower art).

    1. Movement is really helpful. 2 suggestions I’ve heard are every time the phone rings stand up and take the call walking around or set an alarm for every 20 minutes and just walk a few paces.

  3. Sounds good.. I didn’t qigong was good for moods and emotional health, but why wouldn’t it be… body/mind connection, right? One thing I learned from yoga is that it really helped when I took a couple of falls, and my body recovered much faster than I think it would have otherwise. It seems that every practice has something worthwhile going for it.

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