Open Mind – Open Heart and TEDxMaui

I’m pretty sure an open heart leads to an open mind. Keeping an open heart is a hard thing to do on an everyday day all day basis. Stuff happens and defensively we close up. I think an open mind leads to an open heart. The more we know and understand the less fear we have and the safer we feel. Then it is easier to open our hearts.

In less than two weeks we, on Maui, have an exceptional opportunity to open our minds.  I heard of TED a long time ago and have listened to many 20 minute talks on line and many have inspired me. Last year I worked at the TEDxMaui for half a day, listening to a few of the talks.  They were truly amazing! This year I have a ticket.

I only saw a few last year. Here is my favorite TEDxMaui 2012. Lani Medina Weigert & Pomai Weigert – Lessons of Sustainable Aloha 

The first TED talk I listened to is Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability.

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TEDxMaui is Sunday, January 13 at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center in Kahului.

13 thoughts on “Open Mind – Open Heart and TEDxMaui

  1. Sometimes, I feel, having an open-mind and knowing more can create MORE fear. But, events like Ted are so positive and forward thinking, it’s hard not to listen to a talk and walk away floating on air ready to conquer anything. Thanks for sharing! What a great event it was too!

    1. TED was great. At some point I knew enough hopeful and positive information that all the scary stuff was overwhelmed and fear mostly disappeared. It is not completely gone but there is certainly less.

  2. I hope you had a wonderful time Eli. I like what you said about having an open mind. I feel an open mind has as much benefit for me as well as those I’m working or socializing with.

      1. I would love to hear how it was in person…IRL. With real details…Feel encouraged to write a follow up blog about your feelings and experiences during and after the event, but of course, no pressure! I did get to watch some of the video livestream this year, and mostly enjoyed the speakers tremendously but had a schedule conflict.

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