H2O – Water picture and Five Elements


Water can mean going with the flow or being wishy washy if you are looking at it from the Chinese Five Element Theory point of view.  I would say that this water is going with the flow and in the past it has probably dragged some of the rocks (representing earth, another element) along with it.  I am a water person when you analyze me using the Chinese method.  I have always thought of myself that way even before I knew anything about the Chinese Five Elements. The other elements are fire, earth, metal and wood

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This picture was taken on a trip to Japan in the summer of 2010 in the Kiso prefecture between Tsumago and Magome along the Nakasendo Road.  The sound of the water rushing was amazing.

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12 thoughts on “H2O – Water picture and Five Elements

    1. Thanks! There are a few websites that will tell you but I have found that they give different answers. I’ve been told by two different acupuncturists that I was water.

    2. One way to find out is to get a Chinese face reading or to see an acupuncturist or other Chinese medicine doctor. Water types often have particular features like darker, wavy hair, or thick wavy hair like water. Even if slender, they may look like they have a little plumpness and softness. Often darker skin tones or olive tones. And other features, but each person has a little of all the 5 elements present, so it’s also looking at the whole to see which elements are dominant.

      1. Yes I am just slightly more water than earth and the rest seem kind of even when I do any of the checklists. It does change over time a bit.

  1. Interesting that there are 2 opposing meanings to the water personality. I’m certainly not water since I don’t go with the flow and would rather have a plan. I love the water over the rocks photo. The sound must have been soothing!

    1. I think the two meanings are just different sides of the same thing or different views. I really plan all the time. In fact it was my profession. I think it’s more of a guideline The sound of the water was really loud. This is actually a still taken from a video with sound. I need to figure out how to post that.

    1. I wish I could point you to a good source, but there is so much junk on the web. I’ve gotten all my info from teachers and acupuncturists. None of them are published about 5 elements or do any internet blogging. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. This is lovely Eli! I have a favor to ask. One day can you show me how to determine which element I am? I do recall you saying you always need to live near a body of water.

    1. I wish I knew how to tell you what element you are. I have done research online and always get a different result when I do any analysis for me. I think one needs an individual with skill to really tell. An acupuncturist or other Chinese health expert.

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