Lehua Blossom on Ohi’a Tree

Lehua Blossom on Ohi'a Tree
Lehua Blossom on Ohi’a Tree

The Ohi’a tree is a twisted and not overly attractive tree except for the blossoms.  The Lehua blossom on the Ohi’a tree has a legend to go with it.  The goddess Pele was attracted to the man Ohi’a.  He told Pele he was in love with Lehua, so she turned him into a tree.  The other gods feeling sad for Lehua because she loved Ohi’a turned her into a beautiful blossom and placed this blossom on the Ohi’a tree.  Now the two lovers would always be together.  Legend continues that if you pick a Lehua blossom it will rain the tears of the separated lovers.

It is such a beautiful blossom.

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Wikipedia on Metrosideros polymorpha, Ohia tree.


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