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Teacher Training in Wimberly Texas
Teacher Training in Wimberly Texas

Although the word qigong (chi kung, chi gung) is new, it is a system of movement and meditation from China practiced for many centuries. It involves a posture, usually moving; breathing techniques and mental focus or intention. Some forms are standing and some are seated. At the very least, qigong will increase flexibility, improve balance and lower stress. It may also reduce hypertension,  and pain, balance your immune system, reduce stress

Sheng Zhen Gong is a form practiced by practitioners around the world. The primary teacher is Master Li Junfeng. Master Li is from China and was the coach of the championship Beijing Wushu team. He currently lives in Austin Texas.  His daughter, Jing Li, also teaches teachers and lives in Germany. His biography can be found on Wikipedia.

Master Li describes Sheng Zhen Gong:
“Sheng Zhen Gong is the Qigong of Unconditional Love. It is unique in this focus on opening the heart and unconditional love, and also because most of the forms are accompanied by poetic contemplations.
Within the Sheng Zhen system, there are a variety of forms, some standing, some seated, and some lying down. Regardless of which form you practice, Sheng Zhen Gong can improve your life by strengthening and harmonizing the body, clearing the mind and balancing the emotions. It promotes healing unique to each person and can accelerate the healing process. Above all, Sheng Zhen Gong is about opening the heart.”

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