About This Website and Blog

All photos are mine unless otherwise attributed.  The dragonfly on the home page slider is by Randy Dellinger. It can be purchased from him along with many other gorgeous photos. The group picture is by Kathrin Paller and was taken in June 2013 at Teacher Training in Wimberley Texas.   The purpose of the website and blog is to promote qigong and my teaching of qigong.  The blog is a personal blog and I explore what I call practical spirituality, sometimes very directly and sometimes not.  I will also explore Maui a bit.  The name is, after all, Maui Qigong.

I would love anyone’s comments since we are all exploring spirituality whether actively or just a matter of our daily interactions with the world around us.  Just a note saying  Hi! or “I just stopped by” is nice, since it’s good to know somebody is out there listening.  I hope you enjoy my ramblings as much as I enjoy writing them.

I don’t receive anything (money or such) from anyone for anything on this  blog unless I specifically state that I have.  At this point it is highly unlikely anyone would want to. Thanks for reading and remember to say Hi!