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Wooded pathe in Kyoto

“To Know the Way”

Wooded pathe in Kyoto
We Go the way

Pooh knows what he’s talking about.  I guess you could say Benjamin Hoff knows what he’s talking about, but I prefer to hear a tiny little Pooh voice saying this to Piglet or Eeyore or, more likely, Christopher Robin.

“To know the Way,

We go the way,

We do the way.

The way we do,

The things we do,

It’s all there in front of you.

But if you try too hard to see it,

You’ll only become Confused.

I am me and you are you.

As you can see;

But when you do

The things that you can do.

You will find the Way.

And the Way will follow you.”

~ Benjamin Hoff

The Tao of Pooh

The picture is of a path in a temple in Kyoto Japan taken by me in June 2010.

Less Good at Meditation

Maybe you can’t be bad at meditation but you can have less fulfilling sessions.  There are times when my “monkeymind” is really too loud or too busy to have a really long and quiet meditation.  Is it ironic that the other day my monkeymind was busy tossing around the subject of meditation?  This mantra is not working.  Have I just not found the right mantra?  Maybe zazen is better for me.  Or maybe Loving Kindness.  Should I write a blog post about this?

Now at least I can cross one of these off the list and maybe (just maybe) have a quiet(er) mind next time.  Any advice  will be welcomed.