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Bad at Meditation

The cat meditates where I do


Let me first say that I am not an expert on meditation. I might even say I’m bad at it, but that is the point of what I have to say. I don’t think you can be bad at it if you are practicing at all. And I mean at all. If you sit once a week for 10 minutes and just breath in and out that’s something. Any meditation is better than none.

Of the many preconceptions about meditation is the pose. A full lotus position is not required. I can only dream of crossing my legs like that. A chair, a seiza bench are good, even lying down can be OK. A straight back is a good idea, but if you find that difficult due to body issues or the time and place you have to meditate, do the best you can. I like anywhere outside the best.

Another preconception is that meditation is hard or hard work. But almost everybody already meditates without being aware of it or even trying. Eckhardt Tolle and Thich Nhat Hanh talk about the idea that everyone already meditates. Sometimes it’s more about allowing something to happen than forcing anything. Take the time, just sit.

Thoughts may come and go, and that is OK. Master Li has told us to acknowledge the thought and just say “bye bye” to the thought. I have also heard the suggestion that you let the thought flow by like jetsam on a river. I like that thought.

My best hint is – smile. It actually does physically act to relax you and make you feel happier.

When I have difficulty with too many thoughts and what is called “the monkey mind,” I will look for a guided meditation. I have a CD from Dr Weil that has a few. I have tried the Deepak Chopra meditation 21 day challenge as well. There are quite a few online too. Just Google “guided meditation.”(or use any search engine) There are many on YouTube. Everyone is different and different meditations may be better for different people. We all change from day to day and what isn’t successful one time might be the next.

Just do it!